Providing Transformational Tutoring at Scale

Research says high-impact tutoring is the most effective method of intervention, accelerating student performance significantly more than conventional instruction.

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Research-Backed Approach

Our solution is based on 30 years of peer-reviewed research by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), which outlines best practices for high-impact tutoring.  

Our Impact
Students and Tutor

Frequent + Targeted

Targeted interactions align with immediate learning needs to accelerate progress and efficiently close educational gaps.

Consistent Relationships

Strong, consistent tutor-student relationships enhance engagement and significantly improve academic performance.

High-Quality Instructional Materials

We use rigorously developed, standards-aligned instructional materials designed to engage students and deepen content understanding.

Data-Driven + Progress Monitoring

Our approach utilizes real-time data and progress monitoring to refine instructional strategies and ensure precise tracking of student progress.


Innovative Programs

BookNook delivers a comprehensive online learning solution by integrating a synchronous teaching platform for collaborative 1:1 or small-group instruction, research-based reading and math lessons, and a continuous feedback loop for immediate support and correction.

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Grades K-2: Building a Strong Foundation

Early Learning Focus
In grades K-2, our platform emphasizes foundational skills in both reading and math. We support young learners with research-driven instruction and engaging activities that foster a love for learning and early academic success across subjects.

Grades 3-5: Enhancing Skills and Confidence

Skill Enhancement and Application
For grades 3-5, our platform reinforces and expands skills in reading and math. We provide tailored learning experiences that encourage students to examine concepts critically and communicate their understanding effectively, building confidence and preparing them for more complex material.

Grades 6-8: Preparing for Future Success

Critical Thinking and Analysis
In grades 6-8, our support deepens with a focus on major concept learning and more advanced understanding in reading and math. Our solution helps students link broad concepts, reflect on their learning, and strive for academic excellence, preparing them for the demands of high school and beyond.

Scalability + Accessibility

Virtual tutoring allows scaling to serve a large number of students per program effectively.
The BookNook program has successfully served over 176,000 students and mastered over 1 million lessons.
Utilizes a network of US-based tutors, which aids in overcoming capacity limitations found in traditional in-person tutoring setups.

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