BookNook’s Patented Technology Reduces the Lesson Selection Load for Educators

Our algorithms collect data from a student’s completion of each lesson to determine a lesson sequence and assign students lessons that fit their specific needs.

The BookNook platform monitors academic progress by looking at both mastery of specific standards and students’ independent instructional level. In addition, the BookNook platform adjusts recommended difficulty of lessons according to each individual student’s pace of growth.

Science of Reading

Our lessons are grounded in the science of reading and designed to support student engagement in all areas including:

  • Phonemic Awareness 
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

For All Learners

At the core of BookNook is our commitment to all learners. We believe that equity goes beyond text selection.It’s also based on how students engage in our product through our curriculum. This includes implementing integrated approaches that are proven to be effective for all students including those whose home language is not English, and those who engage our materials through the broad spectrum of learning abilities.


Represents the diverse communities we serve


Lessons support Spanish speaking multilingual learners

Embedded Differentiation

Supports diverse reading levels through lessons

Multi-Sensory Engagement

Engages through the use of audio and visuals

Virtual Instruction

Live and highly personalized

Diverse Library

At the core of every BookNook lesson is a BookNook-provided text, whether a complete book or a passage for oral reading fluency. The BookNook library consists of a mixture of decodable texts and authentic texts, with a roughly even split between informational texts and literature.

Our prioritization of cultural inclusivity means that BookNook is constantly updating our library to reflect new voices and new viewpoints. BookNook gathers texts that highlight diversity in areas such as race, gender, ability, culture, location and experiences.

We have a diverse repository of digital texts from authors from a variety of races and backgrounds.

We believe in the importance of our texts representing the diverse communities we serve so that students can see themselves in the texts they read and also learn about the experiences of others. This is why one of our foundational criteria for partnering with publishers and selecting texts is cultural responsiveness.

Spanish Language Support

  • Spanish support with written and auditory scaffolding for both students and educators.
  • Instructions, questions, and vocabulary shown in both English and Spanish.
“This program provides scaffolding around authentic texts with instruction that students love. I’ve seen the results this generates.”
Sara Shenkan-Rich, Principal
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School