Synchronous Teaching Platform + Adaptive Curriculum + Tutoring Services

Our solution for high-impact tutoring involves a complete package for educational institutions and community-based organizations including our platform, which provides a synchronous teaching and learning experience, our adaptive curriculum tailored to meet the student where they are and help them to learn at an accelerated pace, and our tutoring services fueled by a network of qualified tutors across the nation that engage with the students online.

We provide an engaging and rigorous teaching platform fueled by our online tutors and adaptive curriculum. Our platform can manage all aspects of a tutoring engagement including scheduling and communication to support operational logistics.

Synchronous Teaching Platform

Simultaneous, synchronous small group or one-on-one instruction

Lessons online or in-person

Scales to 5000+ student programs

Measures impact, monitors performance, tracks progress

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Adaptive Curriculum

Right curriculum delivered for the student to meet them where they are

Grounded in the Science of Reading

Authentic, diverse, and relevant texts in an ever expanding library

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Tutoring Services

Highly-trained tutors provide personalized live, online instruction

All tutors go through an extensive screening process

Managed tutoring engagement, for a complete, all-in-one solution

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“My 4th grader loves his BookNook tutoring sessions. His teacher is friendly, nice, and engaging. The sessions are only 30 minutes which is perfect. I was worried more online would be a burden but he’s loving it.”
Yamala Robinson, Parent
Prince George’s County Public Schools